Happy New Year

Except for it being quite belated and not really that happy, if you know what I mean. 

I am usually not really a New Years Eve person. I think it’s a silly holiday along with its silly resolutions and overloads of drunken, stupid people in public. But this year, or last year, if you want to get technical and all, I was actually quite excited. No no, still no New Years party for me, no thanks, but the idea of turning over a new leaf, of starting fresh felt more appealing than ever before. I had goals and resolutions and just so many hopes and dreams for the coming year. And I went to bed happy with a little champagne buzz and my twinkle lights glowing softly. Thankful to being able to spend the night in my pajamas and go to bed shortly after the ball dropped and having the living room full of men close to thirty playing computer games.

And then, it was January. Which is cold and dark and grey and loooong if you live in Michigan, a fact that I’ve damned every single winter I’ve spent here. And my bold optimism and intents to share fizzled out rather quickly along with all the horrible reports that have filled the news. To be frank, this past week while reading the news in the morning, I didn’t know if I should just cancel the coffee and just head straight for the whiskey on the bar cart. Because, man, has it been depressing and scary. I’ve just been wanting to look away or run. Or both, simultaneously.

And then today, I have spent the whole day in my pajamas, except for swapping the bottoms for yoga pants to run to the store, to get syrup for Justin’s pancake craving, eaten every single meal on the couch, taken a nap, cleaned half my closet and left the remaining piles on the bed, and just simply unwinded after a week of way too much work and a visit from the cold from hell. And I realized, I can’t remember the last time, I’ve had a day like this. I don’t think we’ve just been hanging out on a Saturday since we’ve lived in this place. It was very much needed. 

Sorry about the rant. What I wanted to say was; get a hug and possibly a drink. You deserve it. And also remind you that there’s is still goodness and light and kindness in the world. Love is still here. We are still here. 


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