Growing an Avocado Tree – update

Phew, one week down! It’s been hard getting back to routine and catching up on laundry. (Back to liiiifeee, baaack to reeeeeality…..) And then we have both been working and gobbling up ‘Stranger Things’. You guys! Have you watched it? It’s so, so good. I looved it. I don’t think I have been as excited about a show since I watched ‘Twin Peaks’. Well, but anyways, now we don’t really know what to do with our life. So I just made a batch of cold brew because coffee is very much needed these days and it’s way to warm and humid in the middle of the day to be drinking hot coffee. And yet, I’m writing this while drinking a steamy cup of night tea, because, actually, it’s chilly at night and in the morning. This morning it was grey outside and looked like fall and I caught myself looking forward to fall, even though I declared that such thoughts were insane when Justin mentioned it a couple of days ago. I’ll probably regretting thinking it in a couple of months but for a moment I got really excited for fall and winter. I think it’s mostly because I’m excited about celebrating the holidays here and the fact that we can fit a really big christmas tree. Alright, back to topic now. Last week we ran completely out of coffee, not just cold brew. Even the instant stuff was gone. It wasn’t pretty. 

Anyways, while we gone my avocado plants grew like crazy. When we left they were still just pits with roots but we came back to two stems shooting up. To be honest, I had slowly lost hope that anything would happen so it was a fun surprise. I guess the key to these little buggers is just plenty of patience. The tallest one of them was a bit over 7″ so I nipped off the top leaves right after taking these pictures. I’m so excited to see what happens next! 


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