Hello from Florida!

Beach time every day!

A little take away sushi dinner at the balcony

Justin found a new favorite beer

This view – palm trees + the ocean = heart eyes!

I still can’t decide what was my favorite part: the beach or these sun beds by the pool

We need more white sheets at home
Driving through the Everglades on our trip from the east coast to the west coast of Florida 

Justin had to go to Florida for work so we left early to have some vacation days in Ft Lauderdale first. No plans but beach and books and pool time and good food. And with my injured ankle we were forced to do nothing but relax and that’s exactly what we did. The biggest decisions of the day would be pool or beach and where should we go for dinner. 

Sunday we left after stuffing our faces with cubanos for lunch. Really, really good but an absolutely terrible choice in 95 degree weather especially if you also plan to sit in a car for four hours right after. We were both so full and felt really queasy the entire way across the state. This week Justin has been working during the days and I’ve hung out by the pool which has softened the blow of post-vacation blues that always creeps up on me. Or I guess it really isn’t post-vacation for me just yet.

Tomorrow, we’re flying back to Detroit and for the first time in a long, long time I am actually really excited to go home after a trip. I mean, beach days and mojitos in the sunset is pretty awesome but I miss our own bed and our kitchen and I think my body will appreciate a little detox after ten days of indulgent vacation diet. I have some really fun projects coming up so going back to everyday life doesn’t seem so bad after all. Now I’ll make my way down to the pool and soak up some sun after a rainy morning! 


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