Growing an Avocado Tree

We eat a lot of avocados every week and every time I cut one open and pitch the pit, I’d wonder how hard it could be to grow my own avocado tree. That was going on for awhile until I finally just did a quick google search and realized that it’s almost ridiculous how easy it is. Or, I can’t say yet if it’s easy to actually grow them, since I’m not quite there yet, but it’s definitely easy to getting started. All you need is an avocado pit, a couple of nails or toothpicks, a glass of water and some patience. The first one I put in water just cracked and I just peeled of the skin. I have a total of six avocado pits in the window sill now and I’m impatiently waiting to see the first shoot. And project ‘avocado tree‘ has made rethink what I throw in the trash that could possibly become a plant so now they have been joined by a pineapple. But that’s another story. 


Illustration by Jessica McGuirl

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