A peep from Toronto 

I survived the first leg of the trip even though there was a slight moment during landing where I didn’t think so. God, I hate those tiny planes. And now I have a good 8 hours to kill because the airline decided to reschedule their route from Detroit to Toronto. So much for trying to create the perfect itinerary and to pay more for flights with as little time in transit as possible!

But! I’m prepared – I have new books waiting to be cracked open, the iPad is full of movies and my carry on is full of snacks. Speaking of snacks, I don’t know from where I have this, but I feel like I’ve seen so much hype about the Cadbury cream eggs. And this Easter was the first time I had one. I don’t know what had gotten my expectations so high, but let’s just say that they were in no way met. Those cream eggs aren’t for me. But let me tell you what is good: the Cadbury mini eggs. Oooow myyyyy gawd! Like a little deluxe m&m with a center of delicious chocolate covered in a crispy, pastel shell. Why am I telling you this? Easter has come and gone. But that’s exactly my point. As Easter is over, the Easter candy goes on sale so right now there’s a little zippy bag in my purse for a little movie watching treat. Does it make me excited? Yes. Should I eat some lunch first before I get into them? Yes. So that’s what I’ll do. And after lunch and some walking and some movie watching it should be time for departure – if I just do everything sloooooooow.

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