Late nights

Or not really that late at night. 11.11. Nothing compared to my usual 3-4am bedtime routine. And I didn’t think I would miss the -at first- lonely nights. But sometime during the summer where I was having a really hard time sleeping I learned to appreciate those nights alone. In the beginning I was feeling so alone in the world of knowing seemingly mostly synchronized sleepers. But after I had spent enough time obsessing over the fact that I was not sleeping (which is pretty much the dumbest thing to do if you’re having any trouble sleeping) I started enjoying these quiet nights by myself. It was really dark out there in the country and I several times was scared of getting attacked by a wolf. I swear! I heard the howling! But the stars were really bright and after some time the stillness didn’t seem quite as alarming and the air was so fresh.

And while I’m loving my new and most consistent sleep routine since ever, I did sometime miss my late nights. And now I was laying in bed feeling a slight hunger which is the number one factor of bad sleep according to my best friend. Naturally, I had to go get a bit of granola and catch up on the latest issue of Cooks Illustrated. Oh, I so love watching America’s Test Kitchen. This is the first night I have been up late by myself since we have moved here and it’s absolutely the best place I can imagine to spend a little time by myself at any hour of the day. It just feels so, so good to be in a place where when I look around I really feel at home and that is with most of our knick knacks are still tucked away in the boxes. It really feels good to feel at home somewhere. Now I can feel how I’m getting ready to go back to bed but it was so nice to sneak a little of that late night feel.

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