Sunny Saturday 

Afternoon tea

Today has been one good day. The sun was warm and even though it was windy it felt like a little appetizer for spring. I woke up slowly over coffee until I realized how the dust bunnies where collecting in the corners. So I vacuumed and decided it looked to good out to just sit and paint doors so I went out to find a Asian store in our new neighborhood.

While I was getting gas a guy came out from the liquor store asked if I would sell my car and as I said ‘no’ he proceeded to cross the Michigan Ave on foot. Then I went to IKEA because I like to observe the stress of furniture shopping in a confusing store on the most crowded and busy day of the week while I drink free coffee and peruse the plant section on the way out. With my new cactus in hand I picked out candy and walked past the line of people pushing mattresses and dining tables that came in bigger boxes than anticipated into their cars. I love a little Saturday trip out just to realize you’d rather spend the rest of the afternoon at home cutting fabric squares and listen to Serial in the sun.
Now Justin is watching a movie and my involvement in the movie watching consists of eating candy while I google plant tips.

I hope you’re having the best kind of weekend so far!

Breaking in a new-to-me purse




Working on something just for fun

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