Winter Days 

This weekend was a funky one. It was a beautiful weather but the coldest couple of days of this winter so we stayed in and finally finished a bunch of little projects that had been dragging on and on. Our new faucet got installed, we changed the garbage disposal and installed a water filter system. All things that were a little difficult and time consuming and then when you’re done it’s all just hidden in the cabinet under the sink. 

It was also the weekend where it became clear that Justin’s grandmother didn’t have much time left and she passed away Monday. It was sudden and quick and shocking and calming at the same time. Even though it wasn’t under dramatic or tragic circumstances being confronted with death as an inevitable part of life brings on a lot of reflection. We’re sad and missing and thankful all at the same time. Death is so abstract and surreal, distant and very, very real at the same time. But in it’s sharp contrast to life it’s also a reminder of what is important and the realization that nothing lasts forever sets your priorities straight and make you grateful for all that this life is. I’ll be squeezing my husband extra tight as we miss and remember and celebrate all that was and all there will be. 

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