I’m going on a trip!

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.33.30.png

Let me tell you something. I love traveling. I like planning trips, I like going new places. But there’s one part of the process between getting ideas, planning and actually going that always makes me crazy anxious and a nervous wreck. It’s the booking phase. I absolutely hate booking flights. It’s only fun for a very short time when I start browsing departure dates and arrival times and prices and layovers and it stops as soon as I enter the decision making phase. But right before the decision making phase comes coordinating in case you’re traveling with others or are traveling to see others or other people are just slightly connected to your plans. But the worst is yet to come and that is booking the flights that I after a weeks deliberate research have picked out. Oh, the doubt and indecision as I fill out my name and personal information, check that I have spelled it right 40 times while I frantically scroll back up to the top of the page to check that it is indeed still the same dates and time and the same layover airport. Meanwhile I’m sweating, my heart is racing and when I finally hit the ‘book now’ button I’m so drained and exhausted as if had just done a marathon followed by a triathlon. And it’s also around that time I have forgotten why I’m even going anywhere at all and the trip has lost it’s meaning and is only associated these negative, anxious feelings.

Last week was an exhausting one, mostly for my husband because he had to endure my temporary insanity. But it ended up with me finally booking the tickets I have been monitoring for the last couple of months. And when they were booked and that process was overwith I could start to realize what was actually being planned and that the hours spent on airline websites were over and that now the trip is turning into reality. And that the booking part is such a minuscule logistic task and that in April I’m going to Denmark AND Morocco, and how freaking cool is that?

Very, if you ask me. Well, now and not while I’m on delta’s booking site. Now I can start looking forward to it, work on my list of what to eat, and fantasize about getting lost in the souk in search for treasures. So that’s what I’ll do. Just until I have to leave for the airport and the sequel of travel anxiety continues.

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