Sometimes I need a bop on the head

Today has been one of those days where I feel like I’ve been running behind constantly since the moment I woke up and even though I’ve crossed a lot of things of my to-do list I feel unaccomplished because every where I turn new projects are staring me in the face. I guess that’s what to expect when you have unfinished home renovation projects. As it was all getting overwhelming and I had to realize that the to-do list that took two minutes to write doesn’t get executed at quite the same speed.

So my mood was plummeting but I decided to grab the light that needed to be returned to Ikea and get out of the house for a little bit. And after two cups of free coffee, a good spot in the late afternoon sun and an attempt to get some of the photos from the last couple of months edited and organized everything feels better. Now I mostly feel stupid for letting my mood depend on little silly things. Maybe I can’t control the circumstances but I can control my reaction.

As I was going through photos of our renovation process and my trip to NYC that my friends now have stopped requesting because I’m the slowest, I found this one from the other day. It’s really random, but I was soaking towels in cold water overnight and snapped a photo with my phone thinking how lucky we are to have clean water out of our faucets and we live in a safe place, I can worry about little things like what shampoo brand I want to use and what we should have for dinner while I’m soaking towels wearing my snuggliest robe and my toes are toasty in my shearling slippers. Good thing I did, because I obviously need a little reminder from time to time to put those daily silly little worries in perspective.

So now I’ll go get that replacement light and drive home in the sunshine and enjoy the Friday night. We have plans for movies on the couch tonight and luckily if you turn off the overhead light and just light a couple of candles instead the piles of boxes in the corners become nearly invisible.


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