Kitchen before pictures


Sometimes when I work on a project for a long time I feel like I’m getting sort of blind to it as the process goes on and I get used to the updates little after little. So as I’m sitting here on a stool by the kitchen island looking at these before photos I’m reminded how much work we have done and what a huge difference it has made. And I’m also reminded to be a little easier on myself thinking that we are never going to be completely done as the list of little finishing details seems to grow ever longer. And while we continue our nightly routine of taking turns climbing up the ladder holding pendant lights trying to make a decision I thought I’d share the state of the kitchen on closing day.

There wasn’t anything wrong with the kitchen per se but then at the same time everything was wrong. The previous owners obviously loved every shade of beige judging from their paint choices and the cabinets, countertops and appliances where all adding to the outdated feel. But it had so much potential! We didn’t like the look of the cabinets but they were in great shape, the room is big and bright, there’s a ton of storage space and then there’s an island that adds a considerable amount of counter space.

It just needed some paint, new countertops and handles and then we would be good to go. As always, the changes happened a little faster in my mind than the actual process. I have a tendency of thinking ‘Oh, it’s just a little of this, a little of that – a week and then we’ll be ready for gourmet cooking sessions’ but then I can’t execute the work as fast as my brain thinks. Justin has constantly been reminding me that it was an actual full-blown kitchen renovation – and seeing the before pictures again while sitting in my vision turned reality feels so good! Even though we still have a new faucet to install, lights to hang, touch-up paint and on and on and on I could go. Instead I’m gonna enjoy our victory a little bit before we set out to conquer the rest!



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