Five Friday Favorites: Guilty pleasure edition

While I’ve been painting I’ve been listening to the top chart playlist on spotify as I had been through all of my favorite albums and playlist.  I was surprised when I checked who all these catchy songs where by: Justin Bieber and One Direction?! It sent me trough a loop and almost caused an existential crisis as the questions were running through my head. What does this all mean? Am I a ‘Belieber’ now? Have I been all along?!

The only previous knowledge about Justin Bieber was based on headlines and paparazzi shots as I’d scan through the various magazines waiting in line in the grocery store and an interview with not even himself, but a look-a-like who had several cosmetic surgeries  and exposure to his music was even more limited. Or at least of what I’m aware off. And the same goes for One Direction. I was tapping my foot along their performance on Saturday Night Live cue to the the announcer urging everyone to give a round of applause to no other than One Direction. Wow. Mind blown. What? Was I rocking along to a One Direction song? Am I not like 10 years old for that?

Well, excuse me as I go re-examine every thought I ever had.

Have a great weekend!




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