Kitchen design inspiration

I am watching Prozac Nation (I love Michelle Williams and Christina Ricci and enjoying Lou Reed and his perfomance of Perfect Day , googling things like this while browsing through my kitchen inspiration pictures.

The last two weeks have been focused on the kitchen makeover and there has been a lot of sanding, painting, and using powertools. We are keeping the original cabinets but changing pretty much everything else, so I thought I’d share some of the pictures from my kitchen pinterest board.





I really like the neutral cabinet colors combined with wood and brassy accents. I’ve pinned a lot of black and white kitchens, but we’ve ended up picking a dark blueish gray for the bottom cabinets and white on the upper ones. I do really like an all-white kitchen (I am Scandinavian, after all!) but seeing all the pictures of two toned kitchens floating around the internet I got really hooked on that idea and I think the dark base makes it all look a little more.. grounded(?), I think. And while open shelving can look amazing, we just weren’t ready to give up all of cabinets so white upper cabinets seemed to be a good choice for getting some of that light airy feel that open shelving has.





The kitchen didn’t have a tiled backsplash installed, just a little piece of the lovely laminate countertop creeping up the walls. The ugly counter is now gone and after we put in the new wooden one we’ve constructed ourselves (!), subway tile is going up. There are so many options for tile but I just really like the simplicity of white subway tile in a classic offset pattern. So that’s the plan; dark bottom cabinets, white on top, a new wooden countertop and white subway backsplash. It’s coming together so nice and I can’t wait to share the result!

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