Bedroom inspiration update









I’ve shown you my design inspiration for our living room and while we’re painting and painting I thought I’d share a little bit about my thoughts for our bedroom. The bedroom was actually the very first room I started painting because it didn’t need much prep-work so it felt like a great project to take on as a shortcut to having one room ‘done’. And while I got the ceilings and the walls painted in impressive time this room now has to be redone. Why, you might ask? Well, I’ll tell you that story tomorrow. For now, let’s take a look at what the room looked like on closing day.

 So. Much. Beige. Like the rest of the condo. Every room and pretty much every surface was some shade of beige. And while I don’t hate beige or sandy colors per say, I just hated how everything was looking so sad and dreary. The trim and ceilings look white here but we still wanted everything to get a fresh coat of paint before we are moving in. And when I started painting the ceiling with actual white paint it was obvious that the ceilings were some sort of off-white. Changing that just completely changed the feeling of the room. And then there’s the walls. My first impulse is always to just go white, white, white (I am Scandinavian after all!) but luckily Justin isn’t as scared of colors as me. Our current bedroom is a shade of dark blue that we both really like so we wanted to go in that direction in our new place. And while I never thought I would paint anything that dark, I’ve come to really like the calm and tranquility it adds to the space. So that was pretty much the plan: dark blue walls and the same sort of accents that goes through the home. Leather, some douche colors, different textures, greenery, and little pops of reds and green here and there. The room already looks completely different but is far from being done – tomorrow I’ll share a bit about it’s current state and the importance of testing out wall colors!

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