White Monkey Holding Peach Balm

Last year my best friend travelled to Thailand and brought home a couple of gifts for me. One of them was this balm that works wonders on sore muscles and joints. It was only a little jar so I’ve been rationing it and if you ask Justin I haven’t been very willing to share the exotic ointment either. It wasn’t until the other day where I was scraping out the last remains of the jar to rub on my sore painting shoulders that it occurred to me to do a quick google search to see if there should be any place online where it was sold. And what do you know, amazon carries it so two days later my stock was replenished and now we have enough balm for everyones sore muscles! I have tried a wide variety of these muscle balms and this one is by far my favorite and I’m so happy to be able to get without a trip to Thailand. Pick it up here if you have some sore muscles needing some love.


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