A little update on the updating

IMG_0159-1IMG_0158I’ve been painting for the last 5 days and since I’m not very good at taking a break my shoulders are now so sore that I have to take one! I didn’t plan on painting yesterday so I was running some errands and moving some stuff over and was planning on cleaning up some of my messes. But then there was the office ceiling that just needed one more coat and I am a sucker for getting things done. So the paint job got done but so is my back now for being put in compromising positions all week.

Today is reserved for resting my sore back and giving my spine some yoga love , making some caramel, and to hem my dress for the wedding we’re going to this weekend. It’s Justin’s busy season at work so he’s gone close to 100 hours (!) a week so I’m excited for him to have the weekend off and get snuggly on Sunday!

It’s going to be a little while before we move in. The actual moving part someone else could do but since it’s really not the ideal time for the chaos that comes with having everything in boxes, unpacking and organizing while Justin’s schedule is this crazy. My mom is the kind of superhero who can paint a whole house in a day, move in the next and have everything unpacked and organized and pictures hung within the next 24 hours! Unfortunately, she didn’t pass these superpowers on to me. I still gave the bedroom and office ceiling to coats of paint and the same for the bedroom walls. The lady at the paint department talked me into a satin finish for the bedroom walls with promises of better durability but still no gloss. I can’t say anything about the durability yet of course but the gloss? Oh, those walls are shiny and I am not liking it! So repainting it is on the agenda for next week, then I hope to start on the kitchen makeover and then our new kitchen appliances arrive – so exciting!

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