The easiest recipe ever

.. or calling this a recipe might even be stretching it, since it’s a one-ingredient, one-step process. A great tip, how about we go with that instead? Alright, here’s what you need to make the most delicious, creamy caramel that you can imagine:

  • a can of sweetened condensed milk

That’s it! Take the can and cover it with water in a small pot with a lid. Then bring it to a boil, turn down the heat a little bit, and let it simmer for 3 hours. I check on it every hour or so, to see if it needs more water (it has to be covered by the boiling water the entire time). When the time is up, let the can cool for a little while before opening it and tasting its delicious content.

It’s really good as a topping on oatmeal combined with some apple and almonds, on apple slices, on ice-cream, or anything that needs a little gooey goodness. I like to boil a couple of cans at a time to conserve energy and just keep the unopened cans in the fridge. Once I open the can, I transfer it to a smaller glass jar. It should last a couple of weeks when kept cold but I’m pretty certain it will be gone before then!

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