Berry Picking

The other day it was the most beautiful fall weather and it was the perfect day for berry picking. So me and Justin’s mom ventured out and spent the early afternoon between the berry bushes. We went for raspberries first since we learned they are way smaller than blackberries and way harder to pick. But raspberry jam is my favorite condiment for aebleskiver so we picked and picked to fill the baskets. After that we headed over to the blackberry area where the picking went way faster and the berries were so deliciously sweet! They were way bigger too, so even though I was eating every other berry I picked, the basket was filling up fast. As they owners counted our haul, I picked out a couple of pumpkins and butternut squash too. The farm also had homemade honey and after sampling all the varieties, I went home and made jam buzzing from my sugar high and now they just need to be labeled and put away in the pantry. I’ve topped my oatmeal with it the last couple of days and it is so good. I can’t wait try it with aebleskiver on a cold december-afternoon in our new kitchen!

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