A Perfect Day

Sundays seems to be one of those things people have strong opinions about. Either you love them or hate them. Or you know, maybe you’re kinda feel more like *whatever* about them, and that’s cool too, it just doesn’t fit into my theory here:) I’m mostly on the hater team when it comes to sundays. It’s the feeling of something ending and to me Sundays just have some sort of moodiness to them. Or maybe the moodiness is just mine, but I swear, most Sundays I feels like the entire world gets in a synchronized funk. But!! Not this Sunday in Nashville – that one was a good one! This was one of those days they write songs about, this was a Sunday where I could see what all the Sunday lovers rave about, this Sunday converted me! That’s how good it was. Now I know what makes a perfect Sunday. Click below if you want to find out too!

 OK, here’s tip number one: Sleep in. BUT! not too long. You don’t want to feel like you missed half the day. Alright, when you’re the perfect mix of almost rested but with a little Sunday sleepiness left in your body, gather some good people and then go eat. 

We had ourselves some good greasy mexican food. And if you can’t decide if you should just have water or maybe go for a coke, have some queso and chips, or you can’t decide which tacos to order, then INDULGE, it is Sunday after all. You deserve it.

Then go feed your mind, look at some art, stroll around for a bit, preferably holding the hand of someone you love and then leave when you’re getting bored because this is Sunday and not a boring school trip where you have to stay places way past you being done with them.

Look up and notice things you don’t notice during the week and then go get some coffee, laugh a little, and rest the legs.

And then go stroll some more with all the caffeine buzzing through your brain. We walked around Vanderbilt campus. It was pretty and the sky was pretty too. Then there was a stop for some thai food for dinner, followed by more strolling and enjoying the city. We also made a stop at The Station Inn for some bluegrass jam before calling it a day. So there you have it, food, good company, lots of strolling around and the right dosage of entertainment made this Sunday one that the rest now have to live up to.

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