The Hermitage, The Ryman, and more from Nashville

The Hermitage

Alright, you guys. It has already been a couple of weeks since we came back from Nashville and September decided to just march on ahead. But I just went through my photos from the trip and looking through them made me feel all the same warm, fuzzy, happy feelings I was feeling while we were there and that made me want to share. In case I didn’t already told you, Nashville just hit all the right buttons and I’m just completely in love with that city. I wouldn’t mind making it my home one day. Well, enough with the gushing and on to the pictures. What I’ll suggest you do before you start scrolling is to go ahead and grab a drink. Maybe a nice cup of tea, a ginger ale or even a glass of wine. There will be no judging from over here.

Alright, you got it? Good. Because there’s A LOT of pictures after the ‘read more’ tag but now you’re ready! Go on – clickety clickety!

So what happened on this family trip was the magic of a planned schedule. Yes, I was traveling with a couple of A-type personalities that like to plan ahead, make schedules and spreadsheets and that sort of stuff. Which is pretty much the complete opposite of the way I travel when I’m alone. I’m more of a ‘let’s see what happens’ kinda person and yes, I will admit that ‘no plans’ more than once has led to disappointments and frustrating situations far away from home. But when the spreadsheet arrived in my mail box there might have been a little bit of eye rolling and words like ‘this trip seems more like a military operation than a vacation’ could have been uttered. You’ll never know for sure though, I’m just saying it’s definitely a possibility. BUT, now I am a convert. Oh, I am a big fan of planning now. Because the preparation and the schedule and the planning made us rockstar tourists. We were sightseeing like pros! Yay for planning! Also, I’ve started getting up at 6.30 in the morning. I can hardly recognize myself, but that’s another story.

We visited Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage one morning. I love visiting historical homes and The Hermitage wasn’t an exception. And before we toured the actual home we wandered around the grounds, looked at all the buildings and work areas of the plantation. What was even better was that there weren’t really that many visitors so your thoughts of how it once was right there where you were now standing weren’t disturbed. That’s the kind of thoughts I’m always having when touring places like that. The thoughts of time passing, the lives lived right there, it never ceases to amaze me and strike me with awe how very alike and how very different at the same time our experiences being

humans are. Well, enough about that. Here are some pictures from our walk around the grounds.

And then we went to go get some tacos because all of that walking and exploring made us hungry. And it was good.

With our bellies full we went downtown and toured the Ryman Auditorium, which wins the prize for best 15 minute mandatory museum introduction film. It was really not boring at all which is rather rare, don’t you think? And then it was time for strolling around, taking a break and getting a beer. I have already admitted that the scheduling part was surprisingly great but nothing beats free stroll time in my book. When everyone had had enough of walking for the day we decided it was time to pick up some barbecue, go home, jump in some sweats and enjoy the rest of the evening in the reclining couches with a movie. Doesn’t it sound like a good day? I’ll tell you, it was. 

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