Thrifted Treasures


A couple of weekends ago we ventured out to go to a Danish Festival. The website for the promised pretty much the raddest event in history with so many Danish things that even Denmark itself might have a hard time following along. Unfortunately, it seemed like the web host and the actual event planners didn’t completely agree on the execution of the festival. There was a parade and then there was a tent where they sold æbleskiver and the pans to cook them in. And then that was pretty much it for the Danish part. The rest of the booths were a lively mix of the typical carnival and fair vendors. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just wasn’t what we came there for. But before we even strolled through the booths just to get disappointed we watched the parade. McDonald’s and Walmart were represented, oddly enough, but there was a couple of cool floats coming by too. One even had fire! 

But the trip wasn’t a complete waste – the little town of Greenville had some pretty good thrift shops and I picked up the trinkets above. I have started a little collection of things that I’m packing and won’t start using until we move just to make it extra fun to empty the moving boxes. After thrift shopping we saw the house Justin’s grandmother was born in. That is now for rent. And has a crooked balcony rail. And on the drive home we stopped at a little farm stand to get farm fresh eggs and a box of the tastiest peaches ever. Oh man, those peaches. We ate them non-stop for a week and were sad when they were gone. Absolutely worth the drive even if it wasn’t what we were driving for in the first place!

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