Whole30 Update

As we were evaluating the various benefits of Whole30, better sleep was a really high priority one. And one we were so unaware was linked to food since we were only thinking in terms of limiting coffee and sugar later in the day. We were standing under the full moon getting some fresh air to help out my restlessness. It wasn’t even that late in the evening and it was already pitch dark outside. Winter is coming. It’s crazy. I think fall is near, but I’ll get back to that next week were I’ll share my fall-(wish) to-do list.

That was a bit of a sidetrack, but what I’m getting to here is that we were having the meeting because we were debating whether we should take a break from Whole30. I know, I know, the whole Whole30-thing (pun intended;) is that there’s no slipping unless you literally fall face first into a box of donuts, but we weren’t consider slipping. We were considering taking a break. Which I’m pretty sure is exactly what the people behind the whole deal would consider as slipping. But another thing thats emphasized throughout the book is planning. We were so motivated to get started as soon as we came home from Minneapolis even though there was a chance of traveling for business and also the possibility of a fun trip within our 30 days. So we were just going to start and see how it all worked out. Now we’re leaving for Nashville on Thursday. When all the details fell into place a little knot formed in my stomach as well. I really wanted to finish the challenge but I also really wanted to enjoy my vacation. I know it’s possible to travel and still make Whole30 food choices but worrying about it started ruining my trip before it even started. The whole point of the trip was to relax, have a good time, and hang out with family, not to worry about which restaurants we would go to and what I would eat there. That’s why we decided to take a break and start Whole30 over in the new year where there are no trips planned or any special holiday events coming up. Because we like food. We enjoy food. Not only eating it, but planning it, preparing it, plating it, and then eating it. Looking in cookbooks for ideas. And to be honest, there are so many things going on right now that adding a special diet to the mix caused more anxiety and worrying than it did good. And trying to plan starting over after Nashville just didn’t leave any 30 day + reintroduction period open. These little highlights throughout the fall and winter are some that I really want to enjoy and not be feeling restricted. And as we were standing there in the dark the thought of taking a break made me feel so relieved. Not because I had any cravings I was dying to indulge in, but because the feeling of not having any restrictions or more so devoting so much time and effort and attention to food was just overwhelming.

Even though it was more of a Whole14 than a Whole30 challenge this time around both of us have still felt a huge difference. The experience has been really educational and we will continue getting inspiration for meal planning from the book. We will most likely not be changing that much except for allowing some special treats once in a while. Our habits got reset and the sugar dragon got tamed. I still think it’s better to be eating good most of the time for the rest of the year and then starting the challenge over than to just not make any changes.

So after consciously uncoupling or maybe rather changing our relationship to Whole30 to casual and not quite as devoted as before it made me look forward to our trip. And then we went to McDonald’s and drove through to get me a little hot fudge sundae. And then another time to get one more so we didn’t have to share.

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