On House Hunting

if only the weather was a little better around here


At first it was kind of an exciting little adventure to go on on weekends where nothing else was going on. We were browsing for a little while and got bit of a slow start because of several (other than that, really nice) trips over the summer. It was really fun but I had a scary feeling that it could get really frustrating, really fast. And it took us a little while to realize we actually started getting serious, and while we were figuring it out someone else made an offer on the place which then went pending the night before our second showing where we were planning to make an offer. It was a real bummer. Especially since it wasn’t until it happened we realized how good of a floor-plan it was and even worse, how easy the whole search could have been. That was almost the worst part; how easy and fast it all could have been over. Ugh. But after a few days we were back to feeling confident about the search. It was still the middle of summer and new listings kept coming in at a fairly high rate. And then as we were sitting at the airport waiting for our boarding zone to be called over the speaker when we were going to Minneapolis, I checked my email and there it was! Another condo in the same area with the same sort of floor-plan. And with kitchen that didn’t needed to get painted since it was already white. We then boarded the plane and I was really excited to arrive and get out of the airport so we could get a hold of our realtor and discuss what we should do. We then placed an (admittedly, low offer) in hopes that if they accepted it, we would be able to have a nine day inspection period to make the final decision. They didn’t accept the offer, but we were confident we would be able to go schedule a showing as soon as we came back and then decide whether we should put in a higher offer. We went there on the way home from the airport and while the interior where really good, we knew there where better locations in the neighborhood. Now we had to consider how much that mattered. Neither of us are particularly fast at making a decision on anything and we are constantly battling the curse of ambiguity. Unfortunately the end of the story is that someone scheduled a showing right when we put an offer on the condo and when the realtor told them that someone (us!) already had put an offer on the place they frantically offered more than asking price. We had anxiously been waiting to hear from our agent for the last two days so it was a real letdown to hear that the seller were going to accept and sign off on our offer had this just happened a couple of hours later. I was really sad for a couple of hours since the last couple of weeks my mind has preoccupied itself with imagining ourselves living there. And that’s what’s funny in a tragicomical or no, actually, not funny at all in any way: it’s a really emotional process, especially if you’re the type of person that’s really sensitive to your surroundings but at the same time it’s also a huge purchase so you have to be really logical in order to make that sort of decision. It’s really a roller-coaster. After feeling defeated for a awhile, getting some fresh air and then eating some good food, I thought about how thankful I am that at least we don’t have to worry about not having a roof over our head. We’re so privileged that we don’t have a deadline for when we have to move but of course the feeling of having just been so close to crossing a gigantic thing of the to-do list is frustrating. Having it figured out would just free up so much mind capacity not having to think about it. But we have a pretty nice setup here and I am all snuggled up trying to embrace the sleeplessness I’ve struggled with lately. Tonight I decided just to stay up and actually enjoy the hours I normally spend tossing and turning and trying to be really quiet and not wake Justin up. And since I’m all snuggled up with a blanket and John Oliver and Last week tonight in the background I’m happy our bellies are full.. We’re safe and warm and there’s actually not that much we can complain about. And even though I was so motivated and excited to take on the project and have fun doing some updates so we wouldn’t have to worry about it after we moved in, I know it is going to happen sooner or later. And that it’s all going to be worth it then. Right?! Please tell me your house hunting stories (preferably with happing endings:)!

(And p.s. tonight is the first night since the beginning of my Whole30 challenge I’ve felt a real craving for sugar. I’ve never been able to connect my emotions to my cravings like that before, and it’s really an eye-opener to experience that connection. I’ve never thought of myself as an emotional eater so it’s kinda freaky to realize how much truth there is to the term ‘comfort-food’)

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