Our bedroom windows are open and there’s a bite in the air so that you can pull your covers up and not overheat. I’m snuggled in the arms of my sweetheart and I – “as she rested safely in the arms of her beloved. Is this the ending of a chapter in some cheap romance novel. I wonder where that clickety noise is coming from? I did blow out the candle in the bathroom. Right? I think so. There’s a faint light under the door, though. It’s just from the nightlight. I’m pretty sure I blew it out. Should I go check?” – was up early and had a long day and need to be up in the morning and really should be sleeping now. I should be tired, my body is tired. My brain, well, doesn’t seem to agree. (And yes, I did get up to check *the mysterious case of the source of the light glowing faintly through the crack underneath the bedroom door*. Nightlight. Just in case you were wondering.) So that little trip brought me here, browsing web-shops, reading blogs, clicking on weird links. I should close down the laptop, though. I came across an article saying the blue light from screens tricks the brain to thinking it’s awake time. Which is the opposite of what I’m trying to do. So back to closing my eyes and deep breaths. Sleep tight!

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