Flea Market Finds

A couple of weekends ago I went antiquing with two lovely ladies. We went to a little town that has it’s own antiques district or more like the antiques district IS the town. It was a really fun afternoon filled with good conversation. Lots of things got discussed and it was so interesting to talk about the differences and the similarities across the generations. And I can now HIGHLY recommend to go shopping with experienced thrifters, flea market goers or antiques byers since the result was that really often when I was looking at something one of them would say: Oh, don’t get that, I have something really similar that you can have. Win win win! But here are the things that I did end up buying – two midcentury chairs with lovely orange upholstery (um, not!) and ceramic lamp. The purchase also ended our trip after visiting only two stores since nothing more could fit in the car. Now let’s play a fun game! Guess how much I payed for the chairs? Come on now, just guess. OK, have you made your guess? Alright, alright. I’ll let you guys know now, but I bet no one guessed the actual price which was…. Drumroll, please! Da da da daaah! A whooping $11 per chair! Wow, huh? They’re insanely comfortable – something really important for a chair but nonetheless hard to find, especially if you aren’t willing to pay a lot. They do need new foam and upholstering and at this point I have stripped 1.5 chairs to the core. When that number is a total of two, I’m going to strip the treated wood and re-stain it. The arms of the chairs have the most beautiful patina that I really wanted to preserve, so I had hoped I could leave the wood as it is, but unfortunately there’s a lot of not so beautiful wear and tear as well as paint stains on the legs. So refinishing it is. I think they are gonna be so pretty when I’m done that I can barely wait, but at the same time I’m also really having fun with the process of the project. Pulling out all of those little upholstery staples is really meditative – and a good arm workout too, ha!

The lamp has already gotten a new shade and is now shining it’s light in our bedroom.

As I already said, there’s a lot of work left to be done, but I can’t wait to show you guys the finished results plus a little bit about the process of refinishing them.


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