Over the weekend I…


… looked at the night sky and admired the blue moon

… had lunch with this guy 

IMG_1010… and eyed his lobster tacos 


… shared a flight of beer from ROAK

IMG_9668… took a break from our Saturday night garden weeding party

Saturday morning, on the weekend with no plans but to get groceries, J made an appointment to go get a haircut at his favorite barbershop in our old area. So off we went, ate some good lunch, got the haircut over with and decided to reward ourselves with a flight of beer at a brewery that was new to us. Then we went home and heated up some leftovers and went out to weed the garden. And then we snuggled on the couch and fell asleep in front of the TV #areweoldnow?

Sunday morning I ventured out on a quest for groceries and to get the remaining ingredients for the mousakka I had planned to cook with our own homegrown eggplant. The rest of the day was spent cooking, lounging around, eating, and watching a movie. I’m gonna have to give you guys the recipe for the moussaka. It was the first time I made it and if I can say so myself, I turned out pretty darn tasty. Now it’s Monday and I’m happy we spent most of the weekend at home getting things done and trying to get ahead for the week, since we are going to be in Minneapolis next weekend. I’ve heard there’s a mall with a rollercoaster inside. Have any of you been? What else is a must while I’m there?

I hope your week was off to a good start!


2 thoughts on “Over the weekend I…

    1. It sure was! The tacos were great, but the real star of the meal were those inconspicuously looking vegetables in a lemony marinade. So good!


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