Over the weekend…


This weekend we went downtown for the Mo Pop Festival. The weather forecast predicted some light showers on Saturday but the sun was shining and we thought we were safe. But as we put down our blanket and got ready for the Iron & Wine show the first light sprinklings started coming down. The light sprinkling turned into a full-on downpour within minutes so the remaining time at the festival that day was spent under various tents in our search for shelter as we made our way to the exit between the showers. Sunday was rainfree and we drank beer and hung out on our blanket while listening to music. Dancing to Modest Mouse and a coney dog on the way home was not a bad way to end the weekend!

We barely made it back to the parking structure before the next big storm rolled in


My favorite falafel sandwich from Bucharest Grill made me forget about the rain


I got to hang out with these pretty boys

Modest Mouse in the dark

Aaaaand some pretty impressive hotdog serving skills to close us out! 


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