Our little garden


Last year we had a little balcony and I planted tomatoes and cucumber plants and a bunch of herbs in pots. Then we went on vacation so the plants had to be moved and put in care while we were gone and all of the stress didn’t seem to go well with them. They never got really big and healthy and I think we harvested less than five tomatoes. Oh, and don’t get me started on the herbs. Those suckers are hard for me to keep alive! Flash forward to today – we don’t longer have a balcony but have had the opportunity to be part of an actual garden. And if we just forget about how there’s only one kale plant left out of the eight I put in because apparently rabbits really like kale, too, then this years gardening experiments are way more successful. I mean, LOOK, it’s a little baby eggplant! And tomatoes! Baby carrots! And there’s three pepper plants leftover from the rabbits with little peppers growing on them and pretty soon we’ll be able to pull fresh beets right out of the ground. Never mind that we rarely have the weed situation under control and that the cucumbers don’t want to grow onto the trellis built especially for them because there’s so many tomatoes that the branches barely can bear their weight. I still planted herbs in pots and they have all wilted and died. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I don’t have the greenest thumb, but I manage to keep indoor potted plants alive. I’m hoping that next year will be the year we’ll pluck fresh herbs straight from the pot!

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