The Little Fleet + other recommendations

As I think I’ve already mentioned, we ate a lot of good food over the long weekend we spent in Traverse City. Some of it we grilled at home, and some was eaten around town. Here’s the three places I loved the most!

The Little Fleet

fleet food

The Little Fleet was such a cool place to visit and we went there twice; once for lunch and one for dinner. The place is a bar with an indoor and outdoor seating area and then in the area in front of the bar is a little fleet of food trucks. The vibe is cool and relaxed and everyone just seems to have a good time there. We had whitefish tacos (one *disappeared* before I could even snap a photo) and pork kabobs with sesame noodle salad and truffle oil parmesan fries one night and a BBQ pork sandwich for lunch another day. It was really, really good and had we been in the area longer, I’m sure we would have been back again.

They’re open for both lunch and dinner, but some of the trucks take a break before the dinner service.

The Little Fleet


The Franklin

The Franklin has a roof top, strong drinks, and great food. That pretty much sums it up. We went there for a drink after dinner one night and decided we had to come back when we were hungry because all the food coming out from the kitchen looked amazing. We got a seat on the pretty roof top and ended up ordering way to much food. Two different salads, soup, a pretzel, and of course some french fries. Everything tasted amazing. Even the dressing on the salad. As the waiter carried it over I could have kicked myself for forgetting to ask for the dressing on the side as I always do. I’m probably in the running for one of the world’s top ten pickiest people and it just sucks to have to eat a whole salad drenched in dressing that’s not agreeing with your taste buds. It turned out just fine though, because the goddess dressing was just as good as everything else on the table and we left very full and very happy. Two thumbs up!

The Franklin


The Omelette Shoppe

Another place we had to visit twice is The Omelette Shoppe. We went there for breakfast and both times we were lucky and got a table outside in the sun, which was great because the place gets PACKED and the indoors can get a little loud. I have no doubt that whatever you end up picking is going to be good but I can highly recommend the California Omelette and the Breakfast Buritto. And the pancakes – so good! Also, get a glass of their freshly squeezed orange juice. I didn’t and both times I ended up sneaking little sips of J’s.

The Omelette Shoppe


And as a little bonus recommendation, I can tell you that Espresso Bay Juice Island on Front Street has really good gelato even though you wouldn’t think so. You’re welcome. Over and out with a picture of me and my gelato.

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