Our trip to Traverse City

We spent the holiday weekend in Traverse City. The days were spent biking around town, eating good food, and enjoying the weather which was just perfect all weekend long! I thought I’d share some photos from our days up north so follow along after the jump.


Drinks and live music by the bay

Strolling around town in search for some ice cream for dessert

We had our picture taken in front of the heart wall after another couple asked if I could photograph them. 

And I got some cherry cheesecake gelato! 

We went wine tasting one afternoon and I guess it was kinda fun. It was my first time and I was slightly disappointed. Reality somehow didn’t align completely with my expectations. It was still a good time though and we got to hang out with a friend we hadn’t seen for a while. It was kinda cloudy that day but the views from some of these vineyards? Wow.  

Biking around the area. Man, I really miss biking everywhere!

On 4th of July there was an airshow over the bay and we watched it from the crowded beach. I’m not really into airplanes and it felt like the show went on foreeeever. BUT in the end the U.S. Air Force showed up and that was pretty cool. And insanely loud! 

Figuring out where to go for dinner

The carnival by day and night. We went there a couple of times to get elephant ears. I had this idea that I didn’t really like them but that changed over this trip. Sugary goodness! 

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