Turkish Towels

Turkish Towels

1: here 2: here 3: here 4: here 5: here 6: here 7: here 8: here 9: here 

I’m holding down the fort alone tonight and I’m slurping leftover ramen soup from our dinner at a cool noodle bar yesterday while simultaneously browsing the internet. I just thought I’d share these cool towels I found on etsy.com. I think they would instantly upgrade any bathroom. At least I think they’d fit perfectly in the bathrooms of the online real estate listings I’m also looking at. Multitasking? Yes, yes, and yes. I’m sure they are going to be so soft too. These towels are really versatile since they can be used as a light blanket too and I’ve been dreaming of getting some since my friend brought one home after spending a summer in Turkey. This shop has so many beautiful colors and patterns. I’d take one of each!

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