Balloon Festival

So this past weekend there was a ballon festival going on. We missed it last year and since it’s suppose to be an amazing sight with all the air balloons taking off at the same time we went by Friday night to check out.

Unfortunately, there was a problem with the wind direction so we didn’t get to see any balloons actually take flight. They did blow up a couple of them to give the audience a little action and we got to see how tiny those baskets you fly in really are.

Even though we didn’t get to see any flying air balloons it was still a fun night. There was a little carnival with rides and foods and fun atmosphere (and a ton of people!)

We had an elephant ear that was really good and doughy. The only other time I ever tried one was at the state fair in North Carolina. That time it was really crispy and that’s not at all how they’re supposed to be according to J. But this one was just right.

We enjoyed our treat and walked around a little more while indulging in some really good people watching. As we walked to the car the sunset looked beautiful through the trees and then there was fireworks!

It was the perfect start to a really good weekend where we had nothing planned but somehow ended up being really productive anyways.

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