Well, hello!

So, to be honest, this Spring has kinda been a rough one and the result has been a lack of inspiration and motivation overall. It doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been anything to share but my goal is to keep this space mainly happy and focused on the good parts of life. I feel bad complaining about my struggles when they’re so small when put into a bigger perspective. Nonetheless, these past months have been full of challenges and transitions that from time to time left me feeling like it was hard to keep my head above water. But, seasons have changed, Summer is here, and while I still feel like I’m finding my feet, a lot of good things are happening, yummy food is being eating and I’ve realized I missed documenting these parts of life. I used to be really good a documenting our little everyday adventures but somehow lost the habit and I miss having a collection of memories.

So while this isn’t exactly the season for resolutions; here’s to noticing the little things and moments that make it all worth it!

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