Monday Blues


I woke up in a funky mood this morning. We had a great productive weekend, we were traveling all of last week, I’m wearing my new pajama shorts I got in Chicago (but combined with a sweater, woolen socks and a blanket,  because it really isn’t shorts weather around here). There’s more travel coming up and a move, so everything is good. Yet I still woke up feeling kind of blah and my stomach is aching a little bit too. But in order to not let this feeling stick around I’ll go toast myself a bagel, not be sparse with the cream cheese and make a big cup of tea, and allow myself a slow start before I get around to the piles of laundry that needs to be put away or ironed and the cabinets that needs to be organized before we move. And then I’ll take a moment to just sit and be thankful. When you first start counting your blessings it’s hard to stay in a bad mood.

Have a lovely day!

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