Movies Lately #1

J has had some reading to catch up on this week so he has been letting me decide over the TV whenever it’s been on. That means that I’ve been watching all those things that’s been piling up on the watch list.



1.The Darjeeling limited

I’m a big Wes Anderson fan but for some reason I’ve never watched this one. Oh, but it was so good. The movie is about three brothers traveling across India by train and all in that amazing nutty, absurd, and lovely Wes Anderson universe. The story is funny in that particular quirky way and the whole movie is just so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.



2. The Source Family

This documentary was a really interesting view into the social experiment of communal living in the 70’s Los Angeles.  It tells the story behind the movement and it’s leader Jim Baker later Father Yod or Ya Ho Wha and how the movement grew from meditation sessions at his popular restaurant on Sunset Boulevard to a cult like movement. Several members of “The Family”  tell their and the movements story but there’s also lot of original footage documenting their unique way of life.



3. Mr. Peabody and Sherman

After watching The Source Family I spent the next morning googling californian 70’s cults. There are some pretty disturbing stories out there so at night I felt like watching something a little lighter before bedtime and Netflix suggested Mr. Peabody and Sherman. I wasn’t really in the mood to spend too long picking anything so I just went with it. I’m not a big cartoon/animated movie fan but this was kinda cute and not as annoying as usual.

This weekend I think we are going to watch a couple of movies from the list we scribbled down during Academy Awards. Or maybe start a new series. We’ve just finished Mad Men and House of Cards and I’d like to find something new where you can just watch a quick episode before bed.

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