Five from my phone

spring treeA tree in the neighborhood all dressed up for Spring

It’s Sunday and I’ve been on a long walk, done all the dishes, and cleaned up all the tomatoes we got yesterday at the Farmers Market and they’re now simmering into some kind of stew. Now I’m hanging out on the couch while J finishes the taxes and I thought I’d share a couple of moments from the week.


I got my nails ready for Spring on a night home alone

And enjoyed watching whatever I wanted paired with some caramel popcorn. Really good. Especially with a glass of red wine.


Sauce overload! J’s brother moved to Nashville this week (lucky him!) so we had a little going away dinner. His mom made pulled pork that could either be put on tacos or made into BBQ-sandwiches. I had to do both. And also try all of the sides.


A Friday night cheeseburger + a mount of fries that I’m obviously very excited about. 

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