Picture from a spring day in South Carolina 

I haven’t even been blogging for that long and yet I have still managed to build a little section of posts with Spring as a theme. I guess I’ve just been really excited for it’s arrival.

I have never felt Spring so rapidly as here in Michigan. It really is something else. Last week it was freezing and one day it snowed all morning. This week it’s sunny and warm out and the piles of snow are melting away. Today, when I walked to Trader Joe’s the sun was out and people were out on the street and our street felt alive. However, the temperature felt so weird. It wasn’t a mixed medium temperature but instead you could feel the icy coldness of the wind but also at the same time the really warm power from the sun. It was really funky. But then I managed to find a corner where there was no wind but just the sun burning through and I stood there for a minute and let my face get all warm.

Oh, and when I left Trader Joe’s the guy who checked me out wished me good luck in the bag raffle that I fill out every single time I go there so I really hope I win this time!

And today it’s Friday and the weekend will be here in like two seconds and the spring feeling made me spend my morning cleaning the house, shaking the sheepskins outside, vacuuming the couch and mopping the floors with the windows open. Yay, spring!

Have the loveliest weekend!

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