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So yesterday had a bit of a crummy start to it, but it changed into being the greatest day in a long time. I ate a good lunch while watching the newest episode of Girls and then I fell asleep in the sun. I didn’t make it to Trader Joe’s or really anything I had planned. When J came home we dropped of some packages that needed to be shipped and while I waited outside the postoffice the sun felt warm on my back and several people smiled at me. Then we went to get sushi at this place that has great Monday specials just to celebrate that we were for once craving sushi on a Monday. On the way there we got some good news so the celebration dinner was even more appropriate. Yes, yesterday turned into a pretty good day after all and I’m happy about that today when it’s all gray and wintery outside again. Don’t trick us like that, Spring!

I have about a million striped shirts but it didn’t stop me from bookmarking three more yesterday. This one is my favorite because of the stripe pattern that’s a little different from my other striped tops and would go really well with the flared pink pants. I mean, come on, if one item is screaming spring, it’s definitely them. I only have one pair of shorts and I’m thinking I should add a least another pair this summer. I like the pattern on these and combined with a simple tank top or tee I’ll still feel ‘dressed’. I always find that the hardest part about dressing in the summer: I want simple pieces but with the lack of layers it sometimes gets boring. Patterned shorts must be the solution!

I also came across a tee, a tank, a sweatshirt and a beautiful silk shirt. I bought a couple of tees from Everlane last summer and wouldn’t mind adding a couple more things from the brand to my wardrobe. The quality have been great and I love their mission!

I love the whole 70’s vibe that’s going on right now and I’m itching to sort through my clothes and get ready for warmer weather. Yeah organizing!

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