Happy Monday!


Zucchini fritatta 

I hope you had a great weekend. I definitely did. Actually so good that I’m a bit sad it’s over. I always get a little sentimental when good things come to an end like vacations, weekends, parties or holidays I’ve been looking forward to. And this weekend was an extra good one where it just felt like there was time for it all. It had the perfect balance of activities and lounging around. We went on a trip to the local farmers market, shopping (successfully) for a spring coat, had chinese take-out and a frittata with zucchini from the market. We ended Sunday afternoon with a long walk for hot chocolate when the Sunday blues were setting in and felt much better when we came back in from the cold to a pot of tomato and eggplant stew.

Now it’s a new week with new plans and new goals! I’ll get on with my insurance challenge and re-organization of the kitchen. There are dishes stacked everywhere so I’m hoping to be struck with some kind of organizational genius lightning pretty soon!

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