February. Why are you so long?


February. The shortest month of the year but somehow this time around it has felt so, so long. I don’t know how it surprises me every year that winter doesn’t end right after Christmas. It never has in the climate I’ve been living in except for those two glorious winters in the South.  So I guess I feel like I’m already being tested with having to go through January but then February arrives. After being stumbled with the arrival of another winter month and snow storms and temperatures below zero, I try to keep my spirits up by thinking ‘Alright, only one more to go and it’s also the shortest of them all!’. The endless amount of snow and cold has not made it feel that way, that’s for sure. Tomorrow is the last day of February and it doesn’t seem like the end of winter is right around the corner. Thankfully this month has also been full of snuggling under warm blankets, stews on the stovetop, lots of TV-shows, and a lot of accomplishment. And not to be forgotten, longer days and more light. I’ll try to think about that as the winter continues and I keep longing for spring and warmer temperatures.

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