Good bread


So here it is, the really great bread that kept me up at night. I followed this recipe since it’s easier than converting the measurements from the Danish version I used to follow. It’s really easy and so satisfying to be able to make a really good bread with a great crust right at home. I promise you’re going to feel really proud when it comes out of the oven! The absolutely only hard thing is to wait for it to rise – so don’t make the same mistake I did because it’ll double the wait time.

I decided to make my bread a little less light this time so I only used 1.5 cup all-purpose flour and instead substituted the rest for 1 cup of whole grain wheat flour and 0.5 cup of whole grain rye flour.

It’s a great everyday bread for toast, paninis, sandwiches or as a side to go with salads and soup. And I’ll highly recommend a couple of hot slices just with butter!


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