I am not a morning person. Never was, probably never truly will be. I really like the accomplished feeling of getting up early and being productive but I really need to be strict about my schedule in order to shake my natural rhythm. And related to that, I’m not really a breakfast person either. I don’t really like any of the traditional breakfast items nor am I that hungry right when I wake up. Food isn’t usually a big motivator to get my out of bed and I’m not one to lay in bed at night and think about next days breakfast. But the other night when I couldn’t fall asleep and I kept thinking about the dough I had in the fridge for a bread I was going to bake the next morning. I haven’t baked a bread in a while and I was getting really, really exited for a freshly baked slice with butter and salt. Unfortunately, the next morning I found the dough all flat in the fridge. It hadn’t been rising at all. Because it was in the fridge. I used to bake this bread so much that I knew the recipe by heart so I only quickly glanced at it to see the measurements. And that’s how it happened that I got it mixed up with another recipe thinking it had to sit in the fridge when it was just supposed to stay out on the counter. I was so disappointed, because the rising time is so long that taking it out and letting it sit meant waiting one more day for fresh bread. I was determined to succeed and I was too anxious that the first batch of dough had been ruined in the fridge that I made another batch. It wasn’t ready to go in the oven in time for breakfast so this morning was another bowl of random leftovers but I now have not one, but TWO fresh breads and I just had a couple of slices with butter for lunch. It was definitely worth waiting for and I’m pretty sure I’ll be out of bed earlier to toast a slice.

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