Thursday Tip: Dry Brushing

Dry brushing seems to be one of those things that come up as a trend in magazines and on blogs from time to time. I’ve seen it mentioned several places over that past few years and wanted to try out but just never got around to it. That changed when I got a sisal body brush for Christmas. (I have this one.) I have been using it every day since! Dry brushing is said to have a detoxing effect since it stimulates the lymphatic system and exfoliates your skin, the body’s biggest organ.

It’s recommended to do it twice a day and there are different charts floating around the internet showing you the most ideal pattern of brush strokes. However, I usually just do it once daily right before my shower and follow the simple rule of brushing from the extremities towards the heart. At first, I had to convince myself to do it because, A: our bathroom is freezing cold this time of the year and standing naked for just a small amount of time didn’t seem too appealing and B: it does hurt a little bit in the beginning¬†until you get used to it. Now I look forward to it every day! I can’t tell if it really helps detoxify the lymphatic system or combats cellulite, but it makes my skin super soft and the increased blood flow to the skin feels amazing. Try it out – I’d highly recommend it!

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