Spring feelings

interior0 interior1 interior2 interior3

I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the feeling that spring is juuuuust around the corner. Which it really isn’t because around here it is so cold that it feels like it might never warm up again. But the sun is shining through my windows and my space heater is blowing away, so it makes it a little easier to pretend. I’m hit with a redecorating bug and am so inspired to move things around and just change things but since our lease is up pretty soon it seems a little wasted to start any projects around here.

Instead I am dreaming of new spaces and all the new opportunities they will bring.

My style has developed a lot since I lived alone and was quite white and airy but I wasn’t too sad to see it go to create something more ”us”.

We have very different decorating strategies and by that I mean I would like to think that I actually have an aesthetic strategy and also really appreciating comfort while Justin’s strategy is very much practical and logical. And I by that I mean a ”let’s string this blue cord across the room to have the best possible internet connection on the desktop computer” kind of logic.

Which means I have made it my project to create spaces that are both comfortable and look good and that we both enjoy.

Together we have added more dark wood, grey wool and a darker color palette in general. I really like the direction we’re going but I’d like to add more plants, some brown leather, and maybe some colorful rugs.

I like the darker colors on the pictures above and I really like the idea of a dark blue bedroom and a tufted headboard. And of course that leather butterfly chair that’s on more than one picture, but I think that one is going to be a tough sell.

I have kind of been dreading packing everything and all the hard work a move means but now I’m getting really excited about the new decorating opportunities! I can’t wait until we actually know where we are going so I really can start dreaming.

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