The Great Cabin Trip


A couple of weekends ago J and I went on a little getaway and it was glorious. Both of us had actually been a little on the fence about going, because what were we even going to do? We have travelled a lot but always with an agenda and mostly a bit of a stressful one like work trips, family visits, or only a few days in a new city trying to fit in as much as possible. And all of a sudden here we were, going pretty much nowhere and with no plans. It turned out there was no need to worry since the trip was just the absolute best. So, so good. Nothing to do, it turns out, can be just great and we ended up adding another night to the stay just to have more time to stare at the fire and sit in the hot tub. Oh, that hot tub. I think about it daily.

And that pretty much sums up the activities of the trip. Just circling between the hot tub and in front the fireplace. We ventured out a couple of times to the local town for a little walk, a good cup of coffee and some really, really great food. Like in the way where we came back to the same restaurant all three days. A lot of places were closed for the season but it really didn’t bother us since Phil’s is where it’s at! The best steak and really good, untraditional sides.

We haven’t done that for a while even though it was an odd habit of ours when we were traveling a lot for J’s work. We would find a place and sometimes get so lucky that it would seem crazy to go anywhere else. I mean, there’s a lot of great food in the world but there’s also a lot of bad so when we found something good knowing our time in the place was limited we would just make the most of it. The downside to that is that unfortunately you sometimes find yourselves very, very far away from your favorite food when the craving sets in. I’m talking about you, red curry in Wilmington!

Alright, that was a sidetrack but here’s some pictures from our little trip.

IMG_0526 IMG_0531

We started off by getting some really good donuts for the road trip. So good I only got a photo of the bag.


Oh, that fireplace. I absolutely loved it. Or we both did. We pretty much went through the entire stash of firewood, but it was just so nice to feel warm all the way to the bones. This winter has been so freaking cold! IMG_0539 IMG_0541 IMG_0611

The cabin was so cozy and I loved the plants. I’d really like a big cactus like that!

IMG_0546 IMG_0563

Just hanging and then some dessert in front of the fire. Of course.


The view from the hot tub. Just sitting and being completely warm and comfy while your head is sticking out in the fresh, cold air. That, ladies and gentlemen is what dreams are made of!

Ah, such a good trip but not too many photos. Both our brains and bodies got really slow and relaxed, I guess.

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