In the spirit of January


What kind of January would this be without some little healthy feature? An odd one. January and the fresh start it symbolizes means goal setting and adjusting of habits for a lot of people. You can say what you want about New Year’s resolutions and think they’re stupid (I do too!) but this year had been the first time ever I’ve really enjoyed the feeling of a new leaf that January represents to so many.

OK, back to what I was originally going to talk about; juice! We’ve actually been juicing for quite a while and have tried the Nutribullet, an extractor, and now the Ninja Ultima too. I’ve only had the Ninja for a couple of months but wasn’t really using it for green or fruity drinks as much as I wanted to because it is so cold out. And here’s the connection to January and goal setting since one of my goals is to get back into the routine of having a juice or smoothie daily. Even if that means I have to sit under a blanket with the space heater pointed at me to stay comfortable while I’ll drink it.

Here’s what I put in the Ninja today:


A Granny Smith apple

An orange

A lemon

Two carrots

Frozen mango and pineapple

A tiny chunk of ginger since I was running out and half an avocado

I just blended it all with water and pulsed until it was smooth.

It was really good!

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